Online Course FAQ

I signed-up for an online course. When does it start?
Our online courses are “asynchronous”, meaning they don’t have a set start-date or end-date. Rather, you can begin an online course at any time, and proceed at your own pace.

How long do I have to complete an online course?
As long as you wish. Once you’ve purchased any of our online courses, your access will never expire. Login to review the material as many times as you wish, for as long as you want.

Can I download the videos from an online course?
The video content of online courses is not downloadable. Instead, the videos “stream” from our server to logged-in students. This means that students must have an active internet connection to watch the videos.

Can I transfer the videos from an online course onto my iPad?
While you can easily login and watch the video content on an iPad – or any device with an internet connection – the video files themselves can’t be “transferred” for offline viewing. As mentioned above, the videos are not downloadable.

Why can’t I order the video content from an online course on DVD?
There are three reasons. First, the videos are just one part of the course content. The great advantage of online courses is that they are multimedia based and interactive. Since the accompanying text, images and Q&A threads are also part of the course, we want students to be engaged with that content, too. Making the videos available on DVD would separate them from the rest of the course and make for a less effective learning experience.

Lastly, digital delivery of video content is the future. Support for legacy formats, including DVD, is waning fast and it won’t be long before DVDs have gone the way of VHS tapes. We want our online platform to be forward-looking and demand for DVDs will only diminish with time.

How do I ask questions in an online course?
Each “lesson” includes a Question & Answer area at the bottom of the page where questions are addressed by the teacher and other students.